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Moon Chae Won and Lee Seung Gi for Today’s Love

Updates on Filming: Women of Three Men

Moon Chaewon and Lee Seung-gi (confirmed for film) came to school today to take part in the ceremony for their movie. I only saw Moon Chaewon and one other actress. I only saw Lee Seung-gi’s van kekekeke”
Filming will begin today at Korea National University of Arts (info for fans in Seoul ^ .^)
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"I didn’t remember anything before this. But I remember now when I saw you. We were very much in love.”

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Suyang: As time passes, you will come to understand your father’s actions.
Seryung: If a deed is wrong in the present, why will it be correct in the future?

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Drama :  [6/10] Favorite Female Characters. 
 ↳ Lee Se Ryung (The Princess’ Man)

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I’m running out of air.

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Fangirl Challenge: [6/10] actresses
 ↳ Moon Chae Won

Awaiting starring Moon Chae Won and Go Soo with English Subtitles 1 2

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Moon Chae Won, Come Back Soon!

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