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"I didn’t remember anything before this. But I remember now when I saw you. We were very much in love.”

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Suyang: As time passes, you will come to understand your father’s actions.
Seryung: If a deed is wrong in the present, why will it be correct in the future?

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Drama :  [6/10] Favorite Female Characters. 
 ↳ Lee Se Ryung (The Princess’ Man)

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I’m running out of air.

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Fangirl Challenge: [6/10] actresses
 ↳ Moon Chae Won

Awaiting starring Moon Chae Won and Go Soo with English Subtitles 1 2

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Moon Chae Won, Come Back Soon!

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Maru: “What kind of person she is… I would ask those who know her. And at times, I’d hang around outside her house. And at times, because I want to look good in front of her, I’d learn the old school trot dance that her father likes, and learn baduk, and learn how to eat all different kinds of foods without being picky. And at times, I’d memorize all the songs of her favorite pop artists. And at times, I’d go to the place she frequents and wait for her the whole day. I’d tell her I miss her if I miss her, and I’d say I long for her when I do. I’d feel excitement and gratitude. To date like other people… I think I prayed for it. And I say my prayers again: Thank you. Now, I am happy.”

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